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SecureDongle is the market’s most wanted Software License and Copyright Protection dongle that offer Maximum Security but Minimum Learning and Investment.

SecureDongle was built based on advanced microprocessor smart chip which has been certified by EAL4+ and ITSEC. The smart chip based hardware architecture ensures complete security against risk of Dongle hardware being cloned or duplicated. In addition to hardware advantage, SecureDongle was also built with a very user friendly interfaces on its bundled firmware and utilities. Unlike many other competing products where their shortcomings are summarized as below:

Non-Smart Chip based
Usually based on common low cost EEPROM where the main protection algorithms rely more on the firmware that is bundle together rather than on the hardware. This type of hardware architecture can easily be duplicated by many Dongle Duplication Experts.

Smart Chip based
There are few smart chip based dongles available on the market and most of them is very complicated to integrate; a fresh dongle user might need to spend weeks to months in order to be able to come up with a good protection.

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  1. Yves (verified owner)

    The SecureDongle is very convenient by not requiring the installation of a driver and by relatively easy SDK integration.

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